Well, I’m new to Gamemaker and in 2 days (~7 hours aprox.) this is what I’ve done so far, Sprites, sound effects and tileset.
Background and Music (Contra - Enemy Base) are not mine btw

Looking great! I’m glad my videos have been helpful to you :D



Check-in, Knock-out

Developer: @LionadeGames
System: Windows, (more to be announced)

Description: ”Check-in, Knock-out is a game where you and the other hotel guests are double booked. You decide to settle it with an old fashioned brawl in the hotel room! You can pick up the anything you find in the hotel and throw it at your friends to knock them out. Each character has a unique special ability which gives them their own distinctive playstyle. The game is fast to learn but there is certainly depth for those who seek it in the form of advanced techniques.”

Very cool looking!